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With an entrepreneurial spirit we work with start-ups and established organizations to align approaches and programs to the demographic realities of 21st century Jewry.  We guide whole communities, individuals and institutions to focus on putting thoughtful plans into accountable actions.   Marion and Billy each bring over thirty years of programmatic and leadership experience in the world of Jewish education, camping, arts and business to their practice.


  Our rich resumes include positions as executives, administrators, researchers, evaluators, curriculum developers, youth group leaders, summer camp counselors, and teachers in many settings of Jewish life: start-ups, JCCs, camps, colleges, youth groups, synagogues, and day schools.   Our methodology ensures that institutions implement programs that meet and exceed the needs of Jewish families and individuals.

  • Coaching and mentoring at all professional levels
  • Advising and developing lay leaders
  • Leading and designing Israel seminars
  • Maximizing Jewish cultural programs
  • Crafting new models for Professional and Leadership Development 

 A few words from our clients:

" I really enjoyed working with you.  It has been a pleasure.  Thank you for the excellent report.  I enjoyed reading it and know that it will be very helpful in the months ahead.  I am looking forward to the future of our youth community."

"Thanks so much again for your sincerity and amazing guidance on all levels.  We are really in a very different place than we were, the entire tenor of our work together with the two of you has been a positive force toward good and healthy change."

"I am thrilled to see how the community's stakeholders are learning to think differently.  I think your role has been invaluable.  I am grateful for your contribution to our community."

"Thank you for guiding our thinking, for introducing us to options and experiments that others are trying, and forcing us to stay on task. Our discussions were healthy and helped us to clarify our mission and then to work, in an organized way, to address each of the issues."


An entrepreneurial spirit for 21st century Judaism