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Caring for Dry Skin After Mount Climbing

Caring for Dry Skin After Mount Climbing

Caring for Dry Skin After Mount Climbing – Climbing mountains has now become hockey with quite a lot of enthusiasts, usually mountain climbers are dominated by men, but following the development of the era many women who also like this climb.

Who is the hobby of climbing mountains? Mountain climbing activity is indeed one of the men’s favorites to challenge adrenaline. While hiking, your skin is bound to be poorly maintained, exposed to sunlight, and exposed to dirt. This is what makes your skin dull after climbing the mountain.

So that this doesn’t happen, you need to do a series of skin treatments after climbing the mountain. For those of you who want to know, let’s just look at the following reviews. Check this out!

1. Drink lots of water to hydrate the skin

After climbing the mountain, of course, the mineral intake from water is reduced. It is this lack of mineral evaporation while climbing the mountain that you must meet after returning home from climbing. This is because, mineral deficiencies can cause the skin to become dry, it can even cause irritation of the skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consume extra water after climbing home, Bro!

2. Use cold water for bathing

It’s highly recommended to take a cold shower after coming home from hiking, Bro! When doing mountain climbing activities, your skin is definitely exposed to the sun which makes the skin pores loosen and dry.

Now, if you use hot water for bathing, this will worsen the condition of your skin and make your skin even more dehydrated. For this reason, bathing in cold water is highly recommended to help hydrate your dehydrated skin after returning from hiking.

In addition, taking a shower using cold water will also help soothe your skin that is exposed to the sun for a long time. Besides that, it can also make your pores close again.

3. Wear a mask to make it more fresh

After climbing the mountain, tired skin needs to be recharged with the help of a mask that contains various vitamins. In addition, masks also help skin cell regeneration faster and as a rejuvenator for your skin.

There are many types of masks that are sold in the market, you can choose one according to your needs, Bro! Its use also does not need to be complicated, just twice a week.

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4. Exfoliate to remove dirt on the face

It’s not enough just a mask, the face also needs an exfoliation process. When you go hiking in the mountains, your face must be exposed to dirt and dust. To remove dirt and dust on the skin, you need to exfoliate. Exfoliate three times a week, so that your face looks fresher, Bro!

5. Apply the mositurizer regularly

One part that you shouldn’t miss in the skincare series after climbing a mountain is the moisturizer. The use of a moisturizer does function to hydrate the skin, control water levels, and control oil on the face. So, various skin problems, such as acne, flaky skin, and excess oil can be avoided.

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