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marionbrandeisphoto.jpg Marion Gribetz has had a long and multifaceted career in Jewish education, the arts and museums. She is a sought after leader and mentor for various local, national and international initiatives in Jewish education. Marion directed and built the Sh’arim initiative in Boston, the first community wide Jewish Family Education program. Marion worked with 45 synagogues, JCCs and day schools to implement and create Family Education programs and systems. Marion was on the research team for Limmud by the Lake Revisited: Growth and Change at Jewish Summer Camp. For this project she was a lead researcher investigating the experiences and structures of Jewish educational camping across denominations and settings. Marion is on the faculty at Hebrew College in Boston as a leader in educational initiatives.  Marion has also served on the faculty of the Whizin Institute for Jewish Family Life and currently at DeLeT@Brandeis. She is an alumna of the prestigious Mandel Jerusalem Fellows and the Mandel Teacher Educator Initiative.


Working across denominations and settings Billy specializes in theory and practice of youth education and breaking down the barriers between formal and non-formal programs.  In partnership with federation, Billy created the structure and program that embedded quality youth education in seventeen congregations in the greater Boston area. During his tenure as director, Billy completely revamped Camp Ramah in New England. This work included professional development for all levels of staff; Board of Director training; renewing all aspects of youth programming; expanding to year-round facility; family programming and launch of a robust alumni cohort.  Under Billy’s leadership, Ramah New England regained a firm footing financially and educationally and remains to this day a healthy and vibrant camp. Billy founded KOLBO an original concept for bringing artists and community together. KOLBO successfully united craftspeople, artists and authors with a Jewish public that was hungry for a creative Judaica which spoke to where people were really at.  More than three decades later KOLBO continues to flourish.