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"Without you, we would have taken detours and spun our wheels many times. One of the best results is the camaraderie that evolved among the members of the group. Thank you for providing the circumstances that enabled all those good things to happen."
Our work is a collaborative effort with you and your leaders.  Together with you we plan the scope and timeline for our work. 
  • First we meet with one or two staff and lay leaders to learn about the current state of affairs in your setting.
  • Next, we draft a workplan, which develops into a formal contract.
  • We are available to work on-site weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 
  • In between visits we encourage phone and email consultations.

 Our next steps, in partnership with you, include...

  • Selection of a Task Force  
  • Facilitation of a series of "round-table" meetings for your Task Force
  • Design and activation of a detailed plan that aligns your budget, programs, staff training, job descriptions 

  • Regular communications between Task Force members and your larger community                      

  • Ongoing mentoring and support for your Leadership Team


"I wanted to let you know how comprehensive and interesting the focus group discussion was."