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In recent years we have been instrumental in guiding several large community projects.  .

For the NORTH SHORE TEEN INITIATIVE we developed, guided and managed a planning grant process. The planing process brought together concerned individuals from twenty – three communities to investigate the needs and status of programming for teens.  The final plan which we submitted, included recommendations for both tools and support systems and resulted in the acquisition of a 1 million dollar grant, spread over three years.  The initiative is now in its sixth year.

For FACING HISTORY AND OURSELVES we guide and provided support for a strategic process that is designed to support Facing History’s goal of “….reinforcing the connection between Jewish values and the humanities in the larger school community.”  Our tactics have supported and strengthened Facing History’s planning and implementation for an entire initiative for twelve Jewish Day Schools across the US. This included the identification of key themes and recommended language in order to “brand” a Facing History approach.

For KESHET we supported staff and committee members in their move from a Strategic Planning stage and into implementation.  We provided Keshet with critical data gathered from across the United States, and analysis, to help them make critical decisions as they evolve into a full national organization.

We worked with the JEWISH FEDERATION of GREATER KANSAS CITY in a multi year, multi synagogue, community wide approach to strengthen congregational programming and education. Our work on this project began in the very early planning stages and continued through the implementation of a community wide initiative.  We worked closely with the lay and professional leadership to maintain this initiative. We also observed and supported teachers in congregational classrooms and worship settings.

For the JEWISH ALLIANCE of RHODE ISLAND  we developed, guided and managed a process to successfully reach the  strategic objective of Leadership Development.  This support and guidance included the creation and implementation of a community wide vision and multi - tiered program for Leadership Development.  This included a staged approach for a 3-5 year  period. The project focused on providing leadership development opportunities for newly identified and “re-grown” leaders, with the end goal of provision of tools and support for these leaders.  The combination of tools and support will allow these leaders to sustain the Rhode Island Jewish organizations going into the next 3-5 years and beyond.


“Gribetz Mencow Consultants have been wonderful partners. The project Facing History and Ourselves has done with them has benefitted both the Department of Jewish Education and Facing History as a whole. Their deep knowledge of Jewish Day School Education has helped us in the steps needed to engage deeply with the schools with whom we are working.  They have been focused and invested in the work we are doing together, and an asset when challenging situations have arisen. They have been helpful in coaching the Jewish Education team with the language needed to navigate complex conversations with faculty and administrators, helping to ensure that the relationships  at all of our sites run smoothly and productively . As we move forward, they continue to think with us about the specific protocols that can ensure a successful contractual relationship in year two of the project. Now that the first year of the project is complete, Marion and Billy are helping us strategize ways to sustain the enthusiasm and commitment we have attained and we envision for the second year.”              

Jan Darsa  Director of Jewish Education  Facing History and Ourselves



"A few years ago, one of our goals was to undergo an organizational change that will lead to a more synergic environment," said Rabbi Talia Avnon, Head of the Education Department at The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism. "We looked to Gribetz Mencow Consultants to help us with this process so we wouldn't lose our sense of mission. Thanks to their professionalism, insight and deep understanding of our organization and its challenges, we were able to undergo this organizational transformation without losing sight of our vision and goals."

Rabbi Talia Avnon-Benveniste  Director  International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies Beit Hatfusot Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv and past Director of the Education Department, The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism. Tel Aviv’s first Reform Synagogue 


"Gribetz and Mencow Consultants were instrumental in the creation of the North Shore Teen Initiative.  As the authors of our original grant document, it was their vision, commitment and understanding of the Jewish community as a whole that were most significant.  At a board of directors retreat during our pilot year, Billy and Marion engaged our team using dynamic and effective group exercises that has helped in NSTI's continued success.  With their guidance, NSTI prioritized long and short term goals and created a poweful strategy for best use of the organization's resources." 

Adam Smith  Executive Director   North Shore Teen Initiative