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An entrepreneurial spirit for 21st century Judaism

Our Israel seminars focus on personal, professional and institutional growth

Click here for sample Israel journey for congregations,minyanim,JCCs, agencies and more.

Israel seminars connect to individual participant’s knowledge, experiences and values. Contact us now to plan and reserve for winter 2016 - winter 2017 seminars.  Together with you, we will study, travel, and engage with a broad spectrum of Israeli society:

  • Lay an abiding foundation to instill new meaning into the connections to Israel for your organization, before, during, and after the seminar
  • Identify core stories, ideas and concepts about Israel that resonate for your community in order to craft a meaningful, unique itinerary.
  • Create a comprehensive understanding of the diverse, complex, beautiful, reality of contemporary Israel.    
  • We recommend seminars that last from 7 - 15 days.

Based on our multi-faceted careers and interests, we have working relationships within a wide range of Israeli society Israelseminarweb5.JPG - cultural, political, military, economic, environmental, religious and more.  We travel with your team in Israel and facilitate working sessions to harness the powerful experiences for maximal impact back home. 

Click here for sample itinerary of Israel seminar for educators.