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Growing Fine Hair On The Face Doctor Says


Growing Fine Hair On The Face Doctor Says – Doctors say that fine hairs can grow on the face and it is a normal growth for men and women from young to old

Have you ever found fine hair on the face of both men’s and women’s faces? Let’s look at the explanation of this fine hair.

“Normally our faces contain a lot of hair, even the number of hairs and pores on the face is much more on the facial skin than the skin on the hands and body,” said skin specialist from DNI Skin Centre, Dr I Gusti Nyoman Darmaputra, SpKK.

Some people have soft hair that looks quite defined and thick. In men, it is often associated with a macho impression. But not only men, women also sometimes have fine hair on the face that is quite visible

For women, there are those who consider the appearance of these fine hairs, such as those that appear faintly above the lips or on the forehead, as sexiness. But there are some women who are embarrassed because they think the fine hair is disturbing appearance. No doubt they also want the hair to disappear and no longer be seen on the face.

Regarding removing facial hair, the man from Bali who is familiarly called Dr. Darma said the most effective way at this time was to use a laser or intense pulse light or IPL. However, this treatment cannot be done just once, it needs to be repeated for maximum results.

“The way it works is to damage the hair roots so that the hair growth is rarer and thinner. However, the process generally cannot be done once the treatment is lost,” explained the bespectacled man.

If the method of removing it is wrong, added Dr. Darma, it can cause irritation to the hair roots, thereby increasing blood flow to the hair roots. This can make the hair grow thicker.

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