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Must Use Hair Care Products

Must Use Hair Care Products

Must Use Hair Care Products – Not only is the face that must be cared for and is the most important asset, hair is also an asset that has an important role in appearance.

If all this time, you only treated your hair using shampoo, then in 2021 this is the time for you to upgrade your hair care. Yups, when you take care of your hair, you can’t just rely on shampoo. However, there are several other hair treatments that are necessary to keep your hair healthy, Bro.

1. Conditioner

In general, conditioner is used after you wash your hair with shampoo. For those of you who have curly and dry hairstyles, hair conditioner is one of the hair care products that you shouldn’t miss.

Conditioner basically works to close the hair cuticles and lock in the moisture which will make your hair less tangled. Apart from that, conditioner will also help to extra nourish and hydrate each strand of your hair. Make sure you use a silicone-free conditioner to prevent harmful chemicals.

2. Hair serum

Who likes to complain that their hair is unruly? Take it easy, you only need a hair serum to fix it. Hair serum that uses keratin oil complex: pro keratin technology does function to help improve the structure of the hair shaft.

Therefore, for those of you who frequently use hair styling products such as pomade, wax, hair gel, etc., the use of hair serum is very necessary. The reason is, hair serum can help avoid damage to hair. Routinely using hair serum, you will get smooth, soft, and shiny hair, Bro!

3. Hair vitamins

Not only does your body need vitamins, your hair also needs it, Bro! Hair vitamins are very suitable for nourishing hair quickly. How to apply it is also very easy. You can simply apply or spray vitamins from the ends of your hair, without having to rinse them.

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4. Hair oil

Hair oil is a hair care product with an oil texture and is the best natural moisturizer. This treatment product will help you to nourish your scalp and strengthen your hair roots. It is highly recommended to oil your scalp overnight, just once or twice a week. Make sure not to overdo it, as it can disrupt the natural pH level of the hair.

5. Hair mask

Finally, there is a hair mask, which can be a hair care option to help repair your damaged hair. Usually, hair masks contain natural oils and lipuds in a higher concentration than conditioners. Hair masks can indeed provide significant results in one use. So it is suitable for those of you who have problems with hair strands, not scalp.

Applying it is very simple. Just apply the hair mask evenly using your fingers. Then, wrap your hair in a towel soaked in warm water, so that the absorption of nutrients can run faster.

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